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My Story

Fox Puzzles of London puzzles are becoming Melanie Ann Juliette puzzles. They have always been created by Melanie and I am carrying on. My puzzles are unique and are like no other puzzles! You won't find puzzles like mine anywhere in the world. My puzzles are not mass produced and you will not find them everywhere". 

What makes my puzzles unique? The mosaic wooden puzzles are laser cut in India and China from my paintings and designs. My inspiration comes from  my life's experiences and cosmopolitan upbringing.    

A Melanie Ann Juliette puzzle  can be universally enjoyed, providing hours of entertainment and passed on to generations to come.


Melanie Ann Juliette  - Artist Artistic Director and Co-owner

I studied printed and textile surface pattern design at London’s world famous  art schools, St Martin’s School of Art and Design and Central School of Art and Design.

It is my natural eye for colour and shape; my love of nature, history and culture that make my mosaic puzzles unique and come alive.

Moto: “The rhythm of my life dances with colour and shape.”