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Fight on Waste

Did you watch "Hugh War on Waste" on BBC 1 at 9pm 28 July 2016 – excellent!!

War on Waste

When you venture into the bear pit of the Mumsnet forums and it’s difficult to find anyone with a good word to say about toy packaging.    “Toy packaging is a familiar bugbear on Mumsnet,” says co-founder Justine Roberts. “Most parents can recount the lost hours spent searching for screwdrivers, treating paper cuts and filling bin bags, all a result of over-packaged toys.”

So what do children think!!

"Barbie dolls are wrapped in loads of plastic and attached to a sheet of cardboard with wires. It's crazy!"

Miuccia, 13, Lincoln, England

"Dolls in the shops have so much packaging. There is clear plastic, wire and cardboard. It's so hard to open them!"

Zainab, 12, Greenford, England

"Definitely Nintendo DS games... the actual disk is really small, and the packaging is a huge box!"

Carla, 13, Coventry, UK


"Children's toys have way too much packaging. I don't see why they need so much plastic! Also fruit and vegetables have loads of packaging."

Rosie, 11, Thornbury, England

"For Christmas, I got a remote control car which had a double layer of cardboard and a plastic window and, on the car, there was cardboard all over - which I thought was a load of waste."

Shavaiz, 12, Bradford, England

"My little sister got loads of Doctor Who action figures which have way too much packing. You have the box then the plastic it's placed in. Then the action figures have wire around their arms, head and legs as well."

Hannah, 11, Cheadle, England

"I think cucumbers have too much wrapping! They come in their own protective skin, it's not like they need another layer of protection. I also think children's games have too much packaging.  Once my little sister got a Polly Pocket doll with a skirt, top and shoes. The plastic wrapping was about 5 times the weight of the doll!"

Jo, 12, Kendal, England

“So most parents and children want the same wish list and it’s pretty simple; easy to open, quick to remove from any inner-tanglings, and most importantly not surrounded by a small Amazonian rainforest,”

We at Fox Puzzles of London believe action speaks louder than words so we do not use marketing packaging to sell our product we just use a clear shrink-wrap film in order for  our unique  and wonderful colour puzzles to sell themselves.  

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