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Thetis Queen of The Nereids
15/08/2016 - 0 comments
 Thetis Queen of The Nereids
This art mosaic puzzle depicts Thetis from Greek mythology. She was famously known as the mother of Achilles and queen of Nerieds, the 50 sea nymph daughters of Nereus. I layered mosaic puzzle. I was attracted to this Greek story from a picture I saw of a golden Greek coin that showed a woman riding a dolphin. I would like to do that. Not like any other puzzle! These are beautiful multi-layered premium mosaic wooden puzzles full of vibrant and dynamic colours and shapes. A challenging gift provi..
Melaine's mosaic puzzle
05/08/2016 - 0 comments
 Melaine's mosaic puzzle
                      When you look at the colours and shapes within Melanie orcas & dolphins mosaic art puzzle and where no two puzzle pieces are the same. You must agree they are unlike any other in the world today. You can view more of Melaine designs and art work by visiting   ..
Fight on Waste
29/07/2016 - 0 comments
Did you watch "Hugh War on Waste" on BBC 1 at 9pm 28 July 2016 – excellent!! When you venture into the bear pit of the Mumsnet forums and it’s difficult to find anyone with a good word to say about toy packaging.    “Toy packaging is a familiar bugbear on Mumsnet,” says co-founder Justine Roberts. “Most parents can recount the lost hours spent searching for screwdrivers, treating paper cuts and filling bin bags, all a result of over-packaged toys.” So what do childr..
We are husband and wife team, Keith and Melanie Ridgeway, owners of Fox Puzzles of London.  All puzzles are designed by Melanie and the crafting process was created by Keith. What is so unique about Fox Puzzles of London? Fox Puzzles of London are unique because our innovative manufacturing recipe takes Melanie’s rhythmic surface pattern designs and turns a puzzle into a creative piece of art. Our beautiful individualistic shapes and colourful puzzles bring many benefits to all age..