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Bespoke Services

Bespoke Service

We can take your ideas and design and manufacture a hand crafted British design mosaic puzzle to your specifications. You can start from a 500 minimum order per puzzle and make your dreams come true.

Approximate times: 3 week to design. 90 days from manufacture to you.

With our unique secret manufacturing recipe, we can ensure you have a top quality advertising vehicle for your own corporate or organisation’s requirements.

Please contact Melanie on 07508 102 625 or email to discuss your requirements.


Fox Puzzles of London Ltd mosaic puzzles   can be universally enjoyed, are a gift and keep sake to be passed on for generations to come.

Allow your puzzle be on view all the time. Use our stands to display your puzzles rather than store them flat.

Framing Service

We offer a framing service that elevates your hand crafted British design mosaic puzzle to a work of art.

Sea Animals 550mm x 550mm. Framed on acid free card and a raised float in a walnut boxed frame. Anti - reflective /uv protective glass of the highest standard has been used which minimizes reflection by up to 80 % and gives maximum protection from discolouration by light.  Price £500.00 plus postage and packaging.

Please contact Melanie on 07508 102 625 or email

Missing Pieces

We can replace any individual pieces if they go missing.

£3.50 per piece plus postage and packing.

Please ring Melanie on 07508 102 625.  Prices vary depending on size and amount ordered.