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Melanie Ann Juliette | Early Learning Wooden Puzzles for Kids

Fox Puzzles of London manufacture and design wooden multi-layered puzzles.

Puzzles for children from 12 months upwards to adults and beyond! Our products cater for children and adults with special needs, dementia and Alzheimers.

Learning is easy and fun with a creative wooden Fox Puzzle.

We have standard ranges and provide an agile bespoke service to artistic organisations, individualistic companies and specialist retailers from around the world.

Look learn and play creatively with a wooden Fox puzzle.

Our puzzles strengthen the understanding of the structure of the objects and stories we tell.

Doing a wooden Fox puzzle helps looking, hand to eye co-ordination and patience.

Understand our natural and man-made world better with a wooden Fox Puzzle.

Our dynamic multi-layered, individually brightly coloured shapes tell stories and teach us about our natural world, man-made environment and different cultures through myths and art.

We are educational toys, artworks and beautiful gifts all in one. To be cherished and passed on to generations to come.

By piecing together our individually wooden handcrafted pieces the left and right sides of your brain are constantly communicating, which helps to develop logic and creativity. Jigsaw puzzles are made up of repetitive pieces that bare no direct structural correlation, to the printed picture upon them.